Smiley crocus day – hello spring!

Crocus tommasinianus

Friday was a lovely day – so very spring-like. All the odds and sods of crocuses threw themselves open to the sun. I’ve been adding various named and regular tommies but can’t remember which are which. And due to a lack of rigour on my part some pots go from year to year without being changed out – so what survives survives, hence random crocuses.

A few foraging bees were on the wing and the first butterfly, a Tortoiseshell.

Soil just dry enough to start weeding in earnest and play catch-up before March hoves into view and things start to really get cracking.

Sweet pea seeds starting to come up in the unheated greenhouse.

Told to muck out the potting shed – 5 year’s worth of old pots went to the tip. I do re-use pots but I had rather too many!

Crocus Blue Pearl with bee