Cyclamenic dilemma

Brenda Troyle

The warmer weather is bringing bulbs up. Today I’ve seen daffodils out in a number of places already. I’m guessing they are Rijnveldt’s Early Sensation. Not in my garden though, none are anywhere close.  Although as if from nowhere, the Tete a Tete have appeared over the last couple of days mightily heaving out of our horrid clay.

The rain and wind has battered iris and crocuses, some standing up to the elements better than others. Today snowdrops Brenda Troyle and Magnet started to really show off. Magnet opened up his petals wide for the first time with a bit of sun – and then it rained.

Party pooper

That Dan Pearson is messing with my head, (as they used to say back in the day).

Last week’s Dig Delve was all about Cyclamen coum, and I agree it’s a real sweetie for late winter flowers, especially when there is little else out. It also bookends the year with autumn flowering C hederifolium.

I have big pats of white with red nosed C coum, a dainty pale pink one and a shaded cerise in places one – but I don’t have any of the really shouty look at me, in your face, deep shocking pink! The one’s Dan says he prefers.

Should I care what Dan thinks? Should I be led by Dan?  I was happy with my mainly icily white choices, but perhaps I see the error of my ways, too careful, too conservative.

Back to the drawing board? C coum shouty pink, then later Bergenia Overture followed by a dash of Incarvillea delavayi – that should do it! Happier now!!

Actually I do have one C repandum which comes in a more positive pink, quietly shouty in April and delicately scented too.