Who put the lights out?

The streetlight is still on when I wake in the mornings now and it is getting dark at 8:00pm. This morning it is overcast and still.

Summer has gone,  the last of the Sweet Peas now with sad stained petals and short stems. The squash never quite made it to fruition and the tomatoes are so very slow to ripen.

I have an awful confession – I went to Pan Global Plants last weekend and spent more than I should. One Agave purchase,  A difformis is just plain wierd, I am trying to make up for losing a 20+ year old A striata this winter. Nick Macer has flowered his before, although his raised rubble bed looks a bit empty at the moment after the harsh winters we have had.  The haul also included Clematis rehederiana which has been quite hard to track down,  it seems to be out of fashion, Hoheria sexstylosa Stardust and a Tulbaghia Hazel, I had forgotten quite how onion stinky they were as we travelled back to base with the haul.

My haphazard cuttings of a few weeks ago are starting to fail. I must be more meticulous especially with climbers which I find difficult and a Lespedeza tilliifolia.

Big vine weevil alert last weekend – Auriculas hidden in a dark corner of the garden for the summer were inspected and tops came away in my hand – uh oh! So a re-pot was quickly instituted in the hopes that the worst affected will make roots before winter sets in. The chickens had the potting compost to scratch over which contained the  plump evil weevil grubs.