Such fun gi’s and gals

A crop of Magpie Inkcaps (Coprinus picaceus) popped up this autumn in the woodchip path, quite fascinating. The emerging fruiting body plump and eggy, then the elegant flecked cap opened into a delicate parasol, followed by a gloopy end,  the caps melting off leaving the white stalks standing. Some boletus, possibly Birch Boletus as they were at the bottom of a birch (I hear a QI hooter, possibly for that observation) also appeared for the first time. I didn’t have my field guide to hand (Mushrooms and Toadstools, Geoffrey Kibby) so cannot attest to smell, bruised colouration, gill colour etc. to more thoroughly identify any of the fungi on this page.

Who lives under a fungus like this? Boring brown things maybe, but as other plants were dying down they added a fleeting extra dimension to the garden in late autumn.




In contrast this one appeared in spring, I left it alone to do its thing rather than eat it. I think it is Common Morel (Morchella esculenta) and not False Morel which is poisonous! It is interesting how many fungi are potentially fatal combined with alcohol – don’t do it!



No idea what this is, it emerged from the base of a slowly declining apple tree and turns up quite regularly.

This website Visual Fungi  has quite a few images to help identification.