Starfish and coffee

Billbergia nutans Variegata
Billbergia nutans Variegata (Queen’s Tears)

This billbergia in flower now in a pot outside has overwintered in an unheated greenhouse so must have taken over -5C a couple of times this winter. The flowers are rather exquisite up close.

We are in the midst of Blackthorn winter although the clots of flowers seem sparser this year. We could do with some softening rain. It’s trying to but Salisbury Plain has been keeping it at bay and Salisbury is mostly getting wet instead.

First Swallows on Sunday, first Magpie chicken egg attack of the year this week and first Red Kite I’ve seen so close to home at Yarnbrook near Westbury on Wednesday evening.

The first auriculas are coming into flower.

Primula auricula
not Matthew Yates as it’s not double (miss-labelled obviously!)


Gold Laced Primula
Gold Laced Primula

Sad to hear of the demise of Prince yesterday but sadder still to hear that Victoria Wood is no longer with us.