Banish the greys

Selinum wallichianum

The last few days have been warm but grey, oppressive and somehow mind numbing and depressing.

Late afternoon today the sun came out and suddenly we have light and shadows again. It’s gold washed out there at the moment. The crows are making a racket, the swallows were skimming around earlier.

Something has dug a hole under the squash bed which is now more exposed to encourage the squash to ripen.

A number of the kniphofias have decided to make a late run. Ice Queen has been flowering for a good few months, K caulescens and K Grimshaw are joining the late party too. The Schizostylis are just starting into flower.

Bessera elegans
Bessera elegans

These are fun and vibrant,  a sale purchase from Crocus, Bessera elegans. Potted up in March they are only just coming into flower now in September. Tender, so they’ll have to come inside, presumably to go dormant. In the background an opuntia and Agave difformis.

I’ve got a seedling pale blue agapanthus which is still in flower and seemingly longer lasting flowers than some, so must remember to label it.