A 10 vine weevil night

I have been lax on the weeviling front this year. I have a big pot of Impatiens omeiana which is a mecca for weevils, but they have not so far actually killed the plant, unlike other plant species such as heucheras and sempervivum where a winter of weevil nibblings spells the end of them. I have soaked the pot a number of times in Provado over the last couple of autumns but it certainly doesn’t get them all.  I was alerted earlier to the first real signs of leaf chomping , c shaped incursions at the sides of the leaves. At 9:30pm tonight not a weevil in sight,  but by 10:30pm and torchlight the fat little buggers were out waving their feelers about and starting to munch.

A snail I  dislodged in the gentle shake of the impatiens employed in my weeviling made its way back off the path and into the plant again (persistent). 2 toads were rustling about,  and a large earthworm was stretched from its burrow about 5 inches across the bottom of the concrete step before a total retreat,  lucky the toads didn’t take note,  mmm juicy.  Small things happening on a late june night.

Who took the boletus? This is a vexing question from the last few days. On the small industrial estate I work on, there is a patch of grass below a birch tree and some large Boletus mushrooms, about 5 in all, had sprung up. I admired them as I walked past in the morning, by 5:30 pm they had gone. Not kicked about as is the fate of some fungi,  but clean gone. Were they foraged, or did the sight of them offend someone in charge of the offices and they were simply picked and binned? I did look up Birch boletus and there are a few types, some tastier than others …