What a difference a week makes

Last sunday standing up on Kelston Hill the sun was warm facing south, even if the wind was pretty fierce on the other parts of the circuit. Winter Heliotrope, Petasites fragrans was flowering in the steep banked lane on the way up to the hill. The fringed purple and white flowers lightly scented. Some huge flowered snowdrops bobbed in the sun. Passing by the high walled gardens of some of the big old victorian mansions in Weston, the whiff of sarcoccoca and lonicera could be detected. A few daffodils also fully out.

This weekend dull cold and grey, around 3C. The crocus struggling to open and the Prunus subhirtella looking sad. Snow and minus temperatures are predicted tonight and into the week, not so balmy after all!

The mole continues to create havoc having made its way round the house and into the front garden as well, not keen on his/her tricks in frosty weather lifting whole plants up on mounds.