Wet and windy start to June

Well for some anyway …. plants are a little confused now as the temperatures drop away at night after our somewhat hot spell.

Some of the tomatoes in the greenhouse have rolled leaves which some forums suggest is irregular watering and others temperature swings. The Morning Glory set off well but are  now grumping  with the cooler temperatures,  as are the pole beans.

The fab rose flush is dissipating into brown mush, pruning to take place very soon. Only two of the roses in the town garden repeat flower Louis XIV a dark red china rose and the yellow climbing noisette, Duchesse d’Auerstadt.

Grew La Fleur Lilac from seed, a datura, I don’t like it at all so it’s already come out of some of the places it has been planted – Thorn apple by any other name? And generally weedy looking. Nothing like the Brugmansia Grand Marnier which is growing like a triffid in the greenhouse.