The search for the perfect clothes peg

old clothes peg
A sturdy now vintage hand-me-down

In the big scheme of things clothes pegs are one of those mundane items that anyone who likes to give their washing a bit of fresh air takes for granted.

I did,  until we moved to a windy place.  Today is at least a 4 peg day for larger items. The duvet cover harried by the wind is snapping in the strong breeze.

I had a selection of what now appear on Etsy as vintage clothes pegs  (£15 for 12 plus postage thank you very much). I guess I’ve had mine for years, purchased at some long-gone ironmongers. They’re sturdy little terriers of pegs with a good strong snappy spring.

To augment my now inadequate collection, I bought some plastic pegs with flattened ends, they’re OK but don’t quite cut the mustard in a strong wind.

So I went on a trawl of the internet, Amazon purported to have just what I wanted, not dolly pegs but wooden pegs with a metal spring. They came in bulk, the price was cheap, reviews weren’t good – what can I say? Many fell apart on first use, the metal spring the equivalent of an unbent paper clip – useless. Continue reading “The search for the perfect clothes peg”