My autumnal predictions were too early

But now the cold has come in again, plants such as the species impatiens that looked OK a few weeks ago are ragged and forlorn. The exuberant bed in Thornbury was lit up by a final hurrah of nerines amongst the late perennial sunflowers but that too is over.

Speaking of Nerines, at RHS Rosemoor Zeal Giant caught my eye this week,  bigger but fewer trumpets and more salmon tone in the pink.

Visited Overbecks in Salcombe last week and enjoyed the gingers, bananas and other exotica, including the rabbit who apparently doesn’t much like cannas. Unlike some NT gardens there seems to be a gardening energy there.

Also visited East Ruston in Norfolk for the first time in September, I enjoyed their exotic garden, a huge persicaria is one to hunt out (name unknown) and the display of double nasturtium Darjeeling Gold/Double as part of a mega floral assemblage was impressive. I was amazed by the overall size of the gardens.

Monopsis unidentataThis little curiosity is Monopsis unidentata a South African plant which overwintered outside with no protection, which I didn’t expect at all. Grown from seed sown in spring last year from Silverhill Seeds.

Also to the gentleman in the Isle of Wight who contacted me regarding suppliers of old fashioned tulip bulbs, I am sorry the iPad ate your email before I could respond.

Living Colour /Jacques Amand is one source

The Hortus Bulborum in Holland is another