Who’s the sweetest daffodil of them all?

Narcissus Trevithian
Narcissus Trevithian

Unexpected (for me at least) a frost this morning, quickly disappearing as the sun cranks up its progress across the sky. Sod’s Law the magnolia and camellia flowers will get a browning again.

The concrete base for the new compost bins has been visited overnight, a line of cat paw prints run from north to south.

The time of the daffodils is nearly over, tulips are coming to the fore, today will see a few more opening for the first time to embrace the sun.

Who gets today’s prize for scent?

Sweetness (jonquil Favel UK 1930’s) has just been and gone so not strictly in today’s competition. Has relatively small heavily scented single rich yolk yellow flowers. I first saw these at The Mead Nursery, a few years ago, a potful by the till sending out waves of perfume. Continue reading “Who’s the sweetest daffodil of them all?”