It’s only April stupid!

Well actually this thought originally occurred in March when warmth enveloped us and suddenly we were hurtling overfast into Spring. But we have now been thrown back into a real April. Blackthorn winter is with us, white brushing the hedgerows and a drop in temperature. The remnants of daffodils have been rudely shoved aside by dandelions and burgeoning grass.

That glorious starkness of Magnolias in bloom was spoiled by a sneaky frost last week and the complication of newly emerging leaves. Cherries have been battered by heavy rain, the single whites I had been enjoying in Tytherington close by the roar of the M5 have already lost their ethereal quality.

This evening was one of rainbows and dramatic skies until just before Bath where the showers had missed. Plants are appreciating the plumping moisture in the air after the dryness of the last few weeks. The horse chestnut tree opposite my house is already starting to flower.

Seeds sown on Saturday in a heated propagator, by Monday the zinnias were up followed by tomato Costoluto Fiorentino.

In the Bath garden wood anenome, tulips, stauntonia hexaphylla, brunnera, akebia quinata, corydalis cheilanthifolia and auriculas are in flower.

Yesterday an article of mine appeared in a new magazine, LandScape, woohoo!