Cruel April Frost

Come on my pretties said the early April sun, so up they came and on came the buds, leaves and blossom.

Light frost on Tuesday morning – yes we can cope said most of the plants, a few with a bit of scorch – Impatiens tinctoria was the first major casualty. Dahlia White Honka displayed blackened tips on newly emerging foliage.

Wednesday morning

-2C at 6:00AM – but hey said the plants we’re getting by, except the emerging fig foliage got topped and the potatoes started to look depressed. Hydrangeas were showing signs of bruising and H aspera lost top growth.

Thursday morning

-4C at 6:00AM. Got home in the evening – gutted! All Wisteria growth scorched, hostas collapsed, lilies bowed, buddlejas toppled, ferns will have to start over again as will most hydrangeas. Continue reading “Cruel April Frost”