It’s filthy February again

Well it stopped raining and a couple of weekends ago it felt like spring, the sun shone, the sky was blue and the crocuses smiled.  Since then grey, frost on and off, spits and spats of snow pellets.

30 hornbeam in as hedging so far, only 100 to go.  10 Small Leaved Limes also planted. On Sunday night I dreamt of digging and digging, the sucking sound of grey clay giving way as I dug hole after hole. In places evidence of mole tunnels and seeps where the groundwater rises and falls. The chickens finally cottoned on to digging = worms.

I have a feeling that the new planting holes will fill up when we next get rain as they are in the wetter area, thankfully it recedes quickly again.

I am being pursued by the promise of spring. My mission to get as many plants in now to get the most from the accelerated growth of the next few months and have some sort of show in this new garden. I have bought a number of plug plants for the meadowy bit which was expensive and patience will definitely be required as it wasn’t many. Melancholy Thistle, Sainfoin, Betony, Sawwort, Lady’s Bedstraw and Marsh Marigold.

Some seeds up in the heated propagator, Geranium maderense Album, Salvia deserta and zaluzianskya.