A thoroughly modern midden

Things that don't compost!
Things that don’t compost!

I ‘inherited’ three plastic compost bins in the new garden. I have so far emptied two. Yes there was some lovely brown non smelly compost and oodles of brandling worms in one of them, but I also extracted 3 bags of non compostable rubbish. Hundereds of ghosts of teabags (or old ladies lace as someone said to me recently) can be forgiven, we weren’t to know until recently that most contain plastic. And hooray for dissolving dishwasher tab wrappers now, the bins were full of them.  I also know the previous owners were partial to Cadburys flake and asparagus. The chickens did a thorough initial job of raking through and sorting the rubbish for me to pick up.

Having said that I haven’t yet started any composting, tut! tut! And it does make me feel terribly guilty that all this otherwise goes into landfill anyway to a similar but rather more extensive effect.