Moving on swiftly

Iris Gingerbread Man
Miniature iris Gingerbread Man

Yesterday was sunny and blustery after the previous two weeks when we had frost every day followed by skirling winds and rain. I looked up into a cloudless blue sky when I heard the scream of swifts and above me in a layered cloud the underwings of the lower birds flashing as they caught the light, over 50 Swifts, 30 seconds later they had gone. I presume they’re coming in on the south westerlies.

In the last week the world has become more 3D as leaves have been filling out trees and hedges, all is at its brightest green. The first big iris, Katie-Koo is in flower, English Cottage is close behind. The first rose looks like it will be R Devoniensis the rest are still immature green buds.

The greengage hasn’t flowered this year but the rather forlorn quince has loads of pink flowers. The only wisteria of those planted last year with flowers is Prolific.

The starling babies calls are becoming deeper as they grow. The magpies are becoming a nuisance again raiding the hen house and gashing holes in the eggs. Last week they had enough time to get one out, I found a crushed shell in the chicken pen.

I was going to dig out a bit of Bergenia ciliata and brushed back some old leaves, there in a mossy cup a single wren’s egg, I tucked the leaves back but can’t think it will last long on the ground.