Molde warp


The earthmover has been working under the carpet of apple tree leaves and fallen apples. Around this apple tree the turf is totally rucked and rumpled by the handprint-like pink paddles of the mole. I presume flooding (the first of the 2016/2017 winter season) in the lower part of the garden earlier in the week has also concentrated activity.

I picked a barrow-load of fallen apples from under this tree yesterday, the most it’s ever borne, perhaps it’s a Bramley Seedling.

The apples have been dumped at the bottom of the garden for when the Redwings and Fieldfares get really hungry. At the moment they are in the trees eating the few apples still suspended and stripping the hawthorn today.

This morning a splendid russet fox with white tipped tail was hunting the rough grass in the field. So cat-like in movement it rippled through the grass, then pointed tail almost on its haunches poised, pouncing in an arc on a rodent – it got at least one which went down with a couple of chews. Then it came closer to the garden, I went out and it had gone – chickens sleep safely at least tonight.

We also have a Buzzard pair around, one is often seen on the ground in the field in the mornings or sitting on the sheep house or overhead wires.

Thousands of miles away  in many ways – well done Lewis Hamilton for the Abu Dhabi win just now! Farewell and good luck Jenson Button.