I don’t wanna go to Chelsea

Unless I could actually walk around the show gardens – I can’t,  so watch it on TV instead. How do celebrities get an invite to press day? Do they apply? Are they invited, if so by whom?

Nice to see Cleve West and Diarmuid Gavin getting gold, even if Gavin did not turn up to see the result (at least in front of the cameras).

Good also to see a starring role for the humble parsnip in flower,  way to go you umbels.

I get the ‘stick to the brief you submitted’ for better marks. But in some cases the plantings aren’t for real, Bearded Iris jostling in thick plantings for example which is very pretty but would not actually work in real life,  the Iris liking space and light. Hey it’s all a bit of fun … until you see the knackered looks on exhibitors faces!