Honey they shrank my shed

Wasp gathering cellulose
Wasp gathering cellulose

We have a number of wasp’s nests in the garden. The most obvious is under the raised pond where they’ve found a crack between the supporting slabs. It’s by a well used path in the garden which is a little annoying. The others have made their home in the stream bank in two places. The activity is getting a bit frenetic. They are obviously still building cells in the nest, the scrunching noise of wasps stripping the shed is quite marked at times. I also noticed yesterday what I think was a predatory hover fly, Volucella pellucens, hanging round the nest entrance.

Bulging squirrels are barely able to make the leap from branch to branch as they’re so stuffed on green hazel nuts. The ground underneath the hazels is littered with shells and clumps of nuts that have been knocked to the ground.

The new borders are aflutter with butterflies enjoying the Verbena bonariensis, Buddleja Gonglepod (which has huge flowerheads) and Echinops. Whites, Tortoiseshells and Peacocks mainly.

Also seen the first flowers on Cyclamen hederifolium – autumn is on its way.

All life goes on around here!