Gert lush it was

The wind and rain of the last few days has bashed the trees all about. Pink Kanzan cherry blossom litters the streets, and petal confetti spatters cars parked under them.

The candles of the Horse Chestnuts are already well alight, the big tree opposite is waving its hemulen skirts uncomfortably in the wind tonight.

The whisper of emerging leaves has become a shout, acid green against stormy grey skies in low evening light. The embraceable freshy greeness is everywhere, such a delicately precious time.

Bought my brother some butterfly eggs/caterpillars as a birthday present, Black Hairstreaks and Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries from Worldwide Butterflies. Shall experiment myself next year with native species or migrants like Painted Ladies – a sudden outbreak of Camberwell Beauties will confuse The Big Butterfly count in 2013!

Sadly our BTO sponsored cuckoo, Clement, expired in the Congo this spring, no more trips to Norfolk for him.