Favourite lilies

It has been a good lily year in my garden. These have been my particular favourites.

Red Velvet‘ (aka ‘Red Flavour’), is the only unscented lily in this selection. The colour is deeper and lusher than the image suggests. It has a delicacy and is looser growing than some asiatic lily hybrids, particularly planted in a group. I have had it before in this bed, it died out after a couple of years so will probably need replenishing again, (intermittent winter waterlogging may have been the problem). Other sources suggest it is tougher than has been my experience. (US 1964)

Muscadet‘ is well-known, a cheerful, smiley, scented lily with large blooms. Neglected in a pot planted up last year (peat free), it re-bloomed this year. (1995)

Zeba‘ I can’t grow green and maroon flowered L nepalense as it likes moist, acid soil to run in. ‘Zeba’ is the next best thing, resulting from various crosses between L nepalense and oriental lilies, (‘Yin’ and ‘Kushi Maya’ are other similar crosses). These are in their second year, planted in a dryish south-facing border. ‘Zeba’ is more refined in shape than ‘Yin’ which I also grew this year. The scent of both seems to build over the flowering period.

High Tea‘ a taller oriental type, it has a creamy tinge to the petals which gives it a satiny old-world charm, and a good strong scent. This grew better in a pot than those in the ground this year. (Netherlands 2013)