Cruel April Frost

Come on my pretties said the early April sun, so up they came and on came the buds, leaves and blossom.

Light frost on Tuesday morning – yes we can cope said most of the plants, a few with a bit of scorch – Impatiens tinctoria was the first major casualty. Dahlia White Honka displayed blackened tips on newly emerging foliage.

Wednesday morning

-2C at 6:00AM – but hey said the plants we’re getting by, except the emerging fig foliage got topped and the potatoes started to look depressed. Hydrangeas were showing signs of bruising and H aspera lost top growth.

Thursday morning

-4C at 6:00AM. Got home in the evening – gutted! All Wisteria growth scorched, hostas collapsed, lilies bowed, buddlejas toppled, ferns will have to start over again as will most hydrangeas.

Today still a slight whiff of green coming from frost bruised foliage on the morning air.

Yes I know there are so many far more important things to moan about in this world but I had been encouraging the woodland bed, hoping for some rain and looking forward to that delicious lushness of May – gone.

Kirengeshoma stopped in its tracks. It would have been nice to have seen some flowers on Hydrangea Grayswood this year.

The lilies in the minds eye were blaring out their perfume in July – not now. Brunswick was offering the first ever figs in this garden come September – no more.

That’s gardening!

Frosted Osmunda regalis