Clearing the decks

Raking and cutting back this weekend. I was at times beguiled by the weather into thinking it was March but stopped myself from tidying, too early, we may yet still have harsh weather, leave things tucked up for a while longer.

The chickens do a good job of scratching out lawn thatch and moss but this needs to be raked up and composted otherwise it all goes mushy and yellow at this time of year.

A large Elaeagnus ebbingei hedge, and I mean large, was cut back and a bonfire was started. As it grew dark the christmas tree went on and a roaring cloud of needle embers whirled up into the evening air bringing on thoughts of lonely forests, wolves and the woodie spooks of Moominland.

Some snowdrops are showing white in the tight green corset. Crocus foliage and the light crunch of emerging daffodil leaves underfoot are making the lawn around the apple tree a no-go area. Wish the mole felt the same, parts of the lawn are like walking on a lumpy mattress!