An expensive Christmas dinner

Greedy Beak or Queenie
Greedy Beak or Queenie

The sorry tale started on Monday. I’d dropped piece of clothing from the washing line which was out on the lawn overnight,  in the morning  I retrieved it and went to open the chickens up and noticed a strong foxy smell. The piece of clothing also had a muddy pawprint on it and a stench of fox. Finally we had been found out,  12 months fox free, but no more.

The old Black Rock


Yesterday battling the outcome of the torrential rain we ran out of time and tried our best to shore up the chickens as we were away overnight. Today we came back at 1:00PM to puffs of feathers scattered down the garden. As we approached the henhouse there was a lone worble. Percy the witless had somehow survived. Wibble the old Black Rock and the two Speckledys are no more. This appeared not to be a wanton destruction but a take and stash somewhere. We know the culprit,  the wildlife cam picked foxy up at 2:00AM this morning then at 5:00AM,  at 6:10AM something triggered the camera but the slaughter wasn’t captured. Poor chicky girls.